quick tip: fondu


fondu cou-de-pied derrière to tendu à la seconde

Hey guys! Today we’re talking about one of my favorite movements in ballet: fondu. Here’s a quick debrief:

  • fondu: “to melt”
  • fondu means any position where the weight is on one leg and he supporting leg is bent
  • fondu is commonly an exercise at the barre and can be combined in exercises with rond de jambe, rond de jambe en l’air, adagio, and even frappé
  • at the barre, fondu is typically done as a fondu cou-de-pied to a stretched position en avant, à la seconde, en arrière, or even positions such as attitude or retiré

So here are a few pieces of advice that I find really useful to keep in mind with fondu

  • make sure the foot in cou-de-pied doesn’t come up too high; keep it around ankle height
  • as you extend, straighten the working leg and the supporting leg so they arrive straightened at the same time
  • the working leg moves as an arch from cou-de-pied to the extension instead of moving directly to the position
  • on the way in, reverse the outward action by creating an arch and reaching the final plié and cou-de-pied positions simultaneously
  • always return to a deep plié, feeling a stretch in the supporting achilles
  • as weird as it sounds, think about the food version of fondue (chocolate or cheese) to capture and mimic the melting action

I hope these tips help! Happing fondus!

Libby 👑


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